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Debt Free in Christ

“It's Not Our Money”

By Emily & Trevor Oates

My fiancé Trevor and I met with José primarily to strategize how to knock out a $164,000 burden of college loans, and very quickly, we became horrified by our financial naiveté. José taught us to place first priority on God's will and His provision, and to consider ourselves caretakers of resources that were ultimately, God's. For all our background in the church, we hadn't really absorbed the message that it's not "our" money, not "our" job, not "our" debt, but God's - for Him to bless, for him to work through, for Him to conquer. Without our year of being under José's instruction, we wouldn't be claiming such freedom from our crushing burden of debt. In one year, we paid down approximately $40,000 of the school loans and have a mile-long list of the tangible and financial blessings we received along the way - everything from a free wedding photographer to cutting down high interest rates on a large loan. This isn't from our financial savvy, but because God blessed our hard work and blessed us through José’s kingdom teaching. I can't emphasize enough how our sessions with José radically changed our attitudes about debt and money and I can't thank God enough for what He taught us this year. To God be the Glory!

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