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Everyone has a story to tell. Here are a few stories from our Member Ministries that provide a snapshot of who and how we help.

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The ministries we support have a variety of callings – explore them here.

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More than simply a donation, your gift is an investment in now and eternity.

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Immediate Benefits & Costs

Benefits You Receive

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for all donations to your program
  • Accountability and visibility as a member of an established Evangelical organization
  • Cost effective administrative and personnel support from the FFI home office 
  • Access to and relationships with a growing family of like-minded ministry professionals

Costs You Incur

  • One-time application fee of $375 (tax-deductible). This fee is to be turned in with the application. However, if your application is rejected for any reason the fee is refundable.
  • 10% ministry service fee assessed on all revenue deposited in your ministry account. (Ex: If you generate $100,000 in total income in one year, $10,000 of that amount covers the administration of all the services above, leaving you with $90,000 for salary, benefits, program expenses, etc.)

Note: At this time there are no annual membership renewal fees, close-out fees or other hidden costs.

National Headquarters

(all donations & correspondence)
P. O. Box 49341
Charlotte, NC 28277
704-910-0546 phone
704-910-2035 fax

Physical Address

10801 Johnston Road, Suite 122
Charlotte, NC 28226

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